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A man with Moon in Leo likes successful women in high places from well-known and reputable families, he likes to be proud of his wife. Author: Nikola Stojanovic.

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Nikola Stojanovi c prof. When you have good many years of practice with clients and excel in your forecasts, you are always busy and do not need to indulge in self-promotion. Namely, the same thing happens every summer — almost out of the blue, I get so many visits from clients living in Australia. Some ten years ago, I was sitting across a well-groomed woman in her early forties, who was unsuccessfully trying to conceal the sadness in her eyes.

My practice had already taught me to initially say something that will mildly shock the clients who are lost in thoughts and trapped in a vicious circle of their personal problems, simply to bring them back to reality and make them take my pieces of advice seriously, since they certainly can do them good. I pulled a simple astrological trick. Her Uranus astrologer, astrology is placed in her seventh house marriage in Leo fifth sign — children. Thus, in her early forties she is still single and childless. You will understand that the sadness in my client was for a good reason.

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What is Your Moon Sign? The different ways in which Moon sign impacts your horoscope are: The zodiac in which the Moon was placed at the exact moment of your birth is used to select the first letter of your name in different cultures.

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The Moon sign determines your fate to explain how you need to move towards your goals. The Moon sign is useful in defining the character, behavior and nature of an individual. The Moon sign is helpful in finding your compatibility with other beings on earth, especially with your mother, father, partner, children and siblings.

The Moon sign is responsible for dictating how people build new relations and what are the driving factors that help them in sustaining long lasting relationships and maintaining harmonious relations with everyone. Vedic astrology treats the Moon sign as a crucial factor for predicting the daily life scenarios.

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Your need to feel empowered and pampered at the same time which can make you overly-demanding. Your need of affection, stability and material comforts helps you create deep rooted relationships.

You need to feel safe and nurtured all your life. You crave for playfulness and excitement and you always need someone to celebrate your conquests with. You want to create an equal and delightful environment for yourself to live in. You often find it difficult to open up to new people and have a hard time trusting people.

You are driven by wisdom that comes from new experiences. You want to be surrounded by festivities and celebrations. You crave for peaceful alone times to refuel yourself and get back on your task for creating things that will last for multiple generations.

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Your need for freedom makes it difficult for you to settle down in life. These are the former 'different zodiac signs - Pinterest. Horoscope of the week Sept Sept 14, : Taurus, Leo. Weekly Horoscopes: July Teen Vogue. Weekly Horoscope, September Check predictions for all. Leo Horoscope Tomorrow - Astrology com.

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Leo horoscope - Yearly Horoscopes Leo Yearly Horoscope Characteristics of Leo Zodiac Sign for Adolescents. Leo Daily Horoscope: Tomorrow. What does the new moon in Leo mean for your zodiac sign.

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Mukund Pandya The Astrologer jyotishachary for Horoscopes. Education Horoscope - Education Predictions as per your. Leo Career Horoscope Monster com.

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