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Everything has been shaken apart, burned beyond recovery, and we are slowly healing and rebuilding something new. Aquarius the water bringer is ruled by Uranus, the planet of independence, rebellion, and freedom. This ruler of truth wields their intellect and power wisely, considering every option on its merits and working to ensure that justice and equality are present in each decision. This combination of optimism, passion, and determination make this a powerful season for healing, change, and hope. In this time of Aquarius, keep her birth card The Star in mind as you read for your sun sign — combine that healing, positive energy with whatever the cards have for you during this period.

Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can combine cards from their sun, moon, rising and Venus to create a custom spread for this month. I offer free weekly general readings on my tarot Instagram account and am also available for personal and custom readings online through my tarot website. The start of a new year and a new astrological season are always great times for additional insight as we set goals, evaluate our progress, and look to the future. Take some time to celebrate!

Your independent spirit and utter badassery have helped you push yourself beyond what you thought capable, and all that hard work is paying off in a big way. Pentacles are the suit of earth, patient and quiet and hardworking, and combining that power with your naturally fiery determination makes for an intense and unstoppable force. In your success, though, remember humility and generosity.

Resist your natural tendency to push others aside and instead channel a spirit of collaboration and kindness. You can learn a lot by opening your mind and seeking input from those that you trust, and embracing the reciprocity of this card can help you find balance and peace.

Astrology and Tarot: Aquarius and The Star - Astrology

You may find yourself needing to make an important decision during the coming weeks, one that will have a big impact on your life moving forward. Your grounded nature and tendency towards caution could cause you to step back and be unemotional about this decision, reluctant to take a risk or put your heart on the line.

Pay attention to both your head and your heart as you navigate this decision, and give yourself credit for the innate sense of justice that you already possess.

You have a strong awareness of internal power and fairness, which will serve you well as you move into this period of decision and potential change. Let your internal compass guide you forward, and be attentive to warning signs or flashes of insight that may come your way. Try to resist the urge to double down on past decisions or be stubborn about progress; it may be time for a shift that makes space for growth. Carefully consider your vision for the future, your imaginings of what is ahead, and take the first steps to achieve it.

Pentacles are the suit of earth, and while movement here is slower than in other suits, with patience and persistence these ideas can come to fruition.

Different than your creative aspirations or quick projects, this ace asks you to dig deep and lay the foundation for something that will take time to flourish. It may be tempting to overthink this, to rush forward and try to get as much done as possible. You are a soul that values constant shifts, that is always juggling new ideas, that loves having multiple projects in the works.

But the suit of earth asks us to move slowly, deliberately, to not get ahead of ourselves. Work to be patient and thoughtful as you begin this new something, and try to rein in your natural tendency to see action and movement as synonymous with progress. This project will be most successful if you allow it to be a long-term one.

This Aquarius season will have you bursting with energy and inspiration, eager to take on the world. A powerful new idea or intense creative fire will capture your focus, potentially distracting you from other parts of your life.

Negative Aquarian Behaviors

This energy can be intoxicating, but unless you channel it into something tangible, eventually the fire will burn out and could leave you with nothing to show for it. Wands are connected to the soul, the passions that drive us and give us purpose. This may be a formidable project for you, one that channels your innate creativity, your deep sensitivity, and the intensity you carry within. Passionate, loyal, and intensely driven, this queen of fire is fierce and powerful — just like you.

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This season, you may find yourself being more protective than usual, jealously guarding your creative projects or craving time with trusted friends and family members. While Leos are often compared to the Father of Wands, the charismatic king of fire, seeing the Mother here is an indication that you may need to spend some time exploring internally, reflecting on your personal passions or visions for the future.

Take stock of the dreams that you may have pushed aside — it may be time to revisit something that will give you renewed passion and energy. This could be a chance to shine brightly, to showcase your talents and abilities in a new and personal way. Perhaps you simply have taken on too much, trying to be everything for everyone.

Wherever you are, you are rapidly approaching burnout. Your innate practicality and deep work ethic have allowed you to push yourself hard, but even you, dear Virgo, cannot do absolutely everything alone. Otherwise, this is the surest way to miss amazing opportunities that others were quick to seize while you were still weighing your options. Find some self-care activities that make you feel confident in your smarts or abilities. Do you have any hobbies that make you feel like a champ? The Ace of Pentacles is all about new beginnings in finances or career.

New opportunities are really hard, though. Because to make room for new beginnings, you need to do some amount of letting go. And letting go, even when inviting in something new and exciting, can still be painful. For example, a few years ago, after leaving an abusive work environment for a new job that treated me super well, the adjustment was emotionally exhausting — I was still hypervigilant, looking for signs of trouble wherever I went, only to find that, yes, things really were as safe and steady as they appeared to be.

I spent those first few months on-edge, certain some kind of disaster was right around the corner. Imagine that a new, totally dreamy opportunity arrived at your doorstep tomorrow. And is there any that you can unpack, sit with, and feel your way through? Consider reaching out to someone to commiserate about a past work experience, a failed project, or a fear you have for your future success.

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Sometimes all you need to do to begin healing is get it off your chest. Let go of your high expectations of others and make the first moves yourself. So your homework this time around, Sag, is to brainstorm ways to get unstuck and reconnect. Sometimes you do have to take a risk and let go of great things to invite in even greater things.

A risk is still a risk, no matter how calculated and sensible the risk may be. The next time you turn something down, can you think of a way to positively reinforce that? Aquarius, this card is one of my favorites — albeit super misunderstood — in the entire deck. The Fool depicts a youthful, blissfully unaware figure trotting along with a friendly dog… headed straight for the edge of a cliff.

Queer Tarotscopes: Aquarius Season Offers Healing and Trust to Start off 12222

Am I headed off a cliff? But metaphorically? Nope, this card is not a warning of some impending disaster. He trusts his sensibilities, and his ability to reroute and not tumble down the mountain. His foolishness, in this case, is his lack of planning, but his joy and sense of ease comes from his trust in himself and his ability to navigate any challenge ahead. Are you lacking that trust in yourself, Aquarius? The universe is filled with happy accidents, hilarious misadventures, great stories, and delightful surprises. Spontaneous Saturday is the name of this game.

Let go of the need to always make the best decisions. The bad news? And really boring. But things took a distinct shift when I realized that, with a brain like mine, my job was to make my life as interesting as humanly possible. Because Aquarians are non-conformists who don't care what others think of them.

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