Saturn aspect sun vedic astrology

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Thus Ganesh had insight and stalwart mind in facing Saturn.

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As a result of his strength and resolve, he achieved the position of divine being who is able to graciously assist the millions who turn to him for help. This understanding will assist us in facing what appears to be his dark hand. Saturn is usually described as dark in color because his powerful luminosity remains concealed from our common sight. The darkness of Saturn is nothing but solidified light. The essence of inert substances is undetected by our eyes, and what we cannot see or understand, we call dark or dead. This is the true secret of the fertility of the earth itself, which is composed of many such minerals made by untold centuries of destruction, turmoil, cataclysm and the resulting death of all life, animal, and vegetable.

Transformation of one life form into another is achieved as these substances are submerged under the earth and subjected to great pressure of an unfathomable length of time. This is the saturnine touch, the cold and seemingly cruel and heavy hand of almost unbearable duration, which makes life contract and break way.

Through this rude treatment they develop power and understanding. Their accumulated miseries reveal a luminous path to a deeper sense of humanity. Saturn shows them new light of a secret world and by dint of that light they make discoveries of many kinds for the benefit of the earth and its beings. All scientists, inventors, discoverers, explorers, martyrs, philosophers, religious leaders and social reformers, achieved their goals by the grace of this planet. Without the help of Saturn, one cannot become a thinker of a high order. It is thought to be the most judicious, unrelenting and impartial dispenser of the consequences of our past actions.

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It looks at us from the farthest point in the zodiac and pronounces its judgment. Thus, it acts with the attitude of unbiased, neutrality so terrifying to those of us who cling to our passions and attachments. It is concerned with fairness, justice, righteousness, right attitude and right conduct. It creates sorrow, suffering, deep discontentment and enmity with a view to teach the person the real truth of life. To some extent, the more a person suffers, the more he learns.

As a result, we find in the life history of great persons in the spiritual, material and political fields, Saturn plays a more dominant role than any other planet. For them, failure becomes a pillar of their strength. Saturn is a slow moving planet and promotes stability. Although it will initiate things, it brings results very slowly. It gives gradual progress and equally gradual degeneration when it makes people suffer slowly.

It gives gradual progress and equally gradual degeneration and when it makes people suffer, it makes them suffer slowly. Saturn is not a killer. It does not bring death, only suffering.

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Saturn is also a planet of modesty and service. It is loyal and dutiful.

How to Predict a Sudden Rise in Life

It is not egotistical and does not seek visibility. Saturn gives tenacity, perseverance and hard work. Because Saturn is concerned with duty and responsibility, it brings the profession to the forefront. Saturn wants the person to respect his duty and obligations in whatever field of activity the person is engaged.

How did the ancients describe the characteristics of awesome Saturn? It is said his physical frame is lean, tall and hairy with long nails and sharp eyes. He is eunuch. His element is the wind vayu. He is lord of the 36th year in horoscopy though in hoary astrology his affect is perceived after one year. He rules over the 10th and 11th signs of the zodiac, known as Makara Capricorn and Kumbha Aquarius.

In any horoscope, Saturn in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra in the 1st house gives good characteristics, health, wealth and leadership. Venus is the bosom friend of Saturn and hence he becomes very powerful in Venusian horoscopes, i. Just as Jupiter is famous for excellence, fame, honor good effects, so is Saturn planet of terror, notorious for all evil effects, defamation and scandal.

Just as Saturn and the Sun are diametrically opposed to each other, Saturn also does not agree with the Moon. That is why Saturn is allotted Capricorn and Aquarius, the signs just opposite those of the two luminaries. Capricorn and Aquarius have different traits. When the Ascendant lord, Mercury ruling discrimination and the Moon governing reactions are placed in these signs, they take on their traits.

He is stoical to the miseries of life.

How To Read Your Natal Chart & All Its Aspects

Being an earthy sign, his main concern is success. Aquarius is perhaps the most philosophical sign. It makes the native a deep thinker, reserved, sympathetic and also generous. Being an airy sign, his main interest in the upliftment of mankind. The native is prepared to make the most of any kind of sacrifice. But benefic or adverse influences falling on these signs heighten or suppress their traits; consequently each chart must be considered individually. Since no planet works in isolation, it is essential to examine both natural and temporal types of relationships that our planet, Saturn, is likely to form through.

The position, ownership and aspect he receives from other planets must be studied very carefully. Saturn aspects the 7th house from itself like others, but has a special aspect on the 3rd and 10th houses from itself too. To be strong, Saturn should occupy a kendra or trikona an angle or trine house , his own sign, or Libra his sign of exaltation.

He should not be combust in close proximity to the Sun. Natural benefics positive associations should aspect him together in the same sign , and he should be in the middle part of the sign he occupies. A powerful Saturn in any horoscope stands for wealth, fame longevity and leadership qualities. Powerful Saturn in his period gives the native great courage to do hard and difficult jobs and gives him energy and fortitude to meet the arduous struggles of life.

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He is well known among donors, is a man of principle, a labor leader who may earn much in business. His business commodities are those of interest to the general masses or labor class. If he receives any benefic aspect, especially of strong Jupiter, Saturn will act quite on the positive side. For example, if he is positioned in a sign of Jupiter Sagittarius or Pisces and is well aspected by Jupiter, the native becomes a ruler or will hold some important office.

He may become a significant political leader or achieve or status in some form. Saturn is privileged to be a yoga karaka a planet having special power to raise one in life for Libra and Taurus ascendants by owning a kendra and a trikona. This honor is denied even to Jupiter, the preceptor of the gods. Strong and unafflicted Saturn in such a capacity is expected to confer financial propensity, fame, political success, honor, and joys in a greater measure. The only problem is that when a yoga karaka is weak or afflicted, the native suffers in equally great measure in respect of the bhavas house positions.

If Saturn and other malefics are located in the 3rd, 6th, 10th and he 11th houses in a horoscope, he occasions a Raja Yoga a planetary combination which brings power, position, and authority , and brings royal honors and power to the person. Jupiter's aspect on the full Moon is auspicious and positive for growth. Revati is the final nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning the final degrees of Pisces and ruled by the planet Mercury.

The combination of Jupiter and Mercury rulership in this final nakshatra and final sign of the zodiac signal a culmination and a transition into new territory as we leave behind defunct emotions, irrelevant memories and lost ideas. The conscious letting go of that which is no longer supporting the present is advised during this time. Let's not forget that the combination of Saturn and Ketu in Venus' nakshatra, Purvashada, is also urging us to dredge up, cleanse and flow on. The Sun and Mars in Mercury's Virgo are opposite the Moon at this time, revealing the data that we need to use in our future plans.

There may have been an influx of information that can finally be processed and integrated into the current projects. Open the mind to sudden inspiration when it comes to creative expression, networking, business plans and relationship conduct during this time. Mercury, nakshatra dispositor of the Moon, will be coming under heavy influence of Rahu at this time, joined by Venus who also rules Libra where this energetic pair are running.

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Mercury is also placed in a Rahu-ruled nakshatra at the time, Swati; be ready for that amazing idea, solution or revelation to pop in sideways! The Sun exits Virgo for Libra on October 17, entering into Venus' air sign, which also happens to be the place where the Sun experiences debilitation. This annual trek through Libra occurs when the Sun's appearance in the day sky becomes markedly shorter and weaker, at least in the northern hemisphere. The Sun never gets close enough to combust either Mercury or Venus while they are transiting the final degrees of Libra, so use the Sun's powerful light to fuel the creative streak and keep the parade moving.

While this Sun transit through Libra may not be the best for individual pursuits and solo time in the spotlight, it is a good time to compromise individual needs and agendas in favor of group participation and harmony. This also takes the pressure off of the Sun from his enemy, Saturn, who is creating some grey, cloudy weather by aspecting the sign of Virgo, affecting not only the sign but the planets moving through. Even though the Sun becomes debilitated in Libra, it may be slightly an improvement from enduring Saturn's aspect while the Sun transited Virgo.

saturn aspect sun vedic astrology Saturn aspect sun vedic astrology
saturn aspect sun vedic astrology Saturn aspect sun vedic astrology
saturn aspect sun vedic astrology Saturn aspect sun vedic astrology
saturn aspect sun vedic astrology Saturn aspect sun vedic astrology
saturn aspect sun vedic astrology Saturn aspect sun vedic astrology

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