Pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah

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Bush walking and mountain climbing are ideal exercises for these free spirited individuals, enabling them to exercise their hips and thighs and promote deep breathing to strengthen any possible chest weakness. Being a hot and choleric sign they should avoid stimulants and intoxicating beverages. Their diet should include fruits that have cooling effect on their system such as citrus, berries and bananas. Grains such as oats, wheat and barley are beneficial for the nervous system of the highly-strung Sagittarian. Other suitable foods include asparagus, corn, endive, cucumber, red cabbage and apples.

Aromatherapy oils that can be a balm for the highly active Sagittarian include bergamot, calendula, lemon balm, and rosemary. Jupiter in Sagittarius Jupiter, your ruling planet and the planet of good fortune, continues its journey through your sign until 3 December when it moves into the sign of Capricorn your 2nd solar house of finances. Jupiter rules travel, the higher mind, philosophy and law. It promotes a sense of adventure and opportunities for new experiences.

Romance, Creativity and Children Chiron, the planetoid of wounding and healing, has just entered your 5th solar house. This sector rules romance, children and creativity so there will be opportunities to heal any wounds in this area of your life. Relationships and Partnerships There will be a Full Moon lunar eclipse in your seventh solar house ruling relationships and marriages on 30 November Mercury, the planet of communication pays a visit here from May facilitating communication with your partner.

This retrograde phase of Venus is an ideal time to review your relationships and your finances.

Finances Your finance sector will be activated by a conjunction of Pluto Saturn, Jupiter and the karmic south node. Whichever way the dice falls for you from rags to riches or vice versa you are sure to be re-evaluating your attitude to finances and possessions and in the process re-evaluating you self-worth. Saturn, the planet of restraint, continues its sojourn through your finance sector which would make budget restraint advisable.

Cosmic Cousins: Soul-Centered Astrology

Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, visits your finance sector from 30 December to 16 January making it an ideal period to do your book-keeping to stay informed of the current state of your finances. Your debt and tax sector will also be highlighted by the karmic North Node and two eclipses — the first eclipse is a Full Moon lunar eclipse which occurs on 11 Jan and the second one will be an annular solar eclipse on 30 November Home and Family Neptune continue its sojourn through your domestic sector.

Neptune, the planet of losses and sacrifices, continues its 14 year sojourn in your sector of home and family. You may find that you have to surrender some ideals regarding your home and family and formulate new ones. The fourth house also represents your core self so you may undergo a deep inner transformation and feel the need to withdraw to do some soul-searching. You may have to sacrifice your time and energy to look after a sick loved one. There may be dissolution of the family through divorce or loss of a family member.

However its presence is felt, Neptune will be teaching you the lesson of non-attachment with regard to your home and family. Other cosmic visitors to your domestic sector include as well as Mars, Mercury and Venus. Quicksilver Mercury pays two visits to your domestic sector, the first from from 4 February to 4 March and then again from 17 March to 11 April which will facilitate communication among family members and is also an excellent time to organise tradespeople to do repairs.

Gentle Venus will grace your domestic sector with her presence from 14 January to 7 February to bringing harmony on the domestic front. Travel and Education Two other cosmic visitors will be Mercury and Venus. Mercury will pay visit here from August facilitating communication in your travel and study zone. Gentle Venus will grace this sector with her presence from 7 September to 2 October making it an ideal time for a romantic getaway.

Mars will imbue you with the energy to tackle any issues with siblings, relatives or neighbours.

You could also be busy making short journeys. Quicksilver Mercury will pay a visit here from 17 January to 3 February facilitating communications and networking with siblings and neighbours. Gentle Venus will grace your 3rd house with her presence from 21 December to 13 January bringing harmony in this sphere of your life. Friends and Groups Mercury and Venus will visit your social sector. Mercury will pay a visit here from September facilitating communication and networking. Vesta Greek Hestia is the Latin word meaning focus.

The hearth was and is the focal point of the home, the eternal flame that keeps burning, keeping us warm and safe. Vestal virgins in Rome were highly revered. The symbol of Vesta is a self-contained and pure image. Since Taurus is a sign of material security, home and hearth it will be important features of life in November.

Mercury is retrograde, opposing the Moon and Vesta, giving us extra ability to hone in on what we need to attend to, especially around the home. Details can be overlooked when Mercury is retrograde. Patience is required. Jupiter and Ceres are still close to one another and this aspect is known for its activism.

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Ceres in her role as Universal Mother whose symbol is a sheaf of wheat is passionate about the environment and Jupiter brings enthusiasm to her passion. Taurus loves nature and as an earth sign, seeks to protect the land.

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This Full Moon is likely to see more environmental protests around the globe. The fixed earth sign Taurus is resilient and does not give up easily. Retrograde Mercury — 1 — 21 November Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods and the planet of communication and short distance travel stations retrograde on 1 November at 27 Scorpio This could cause all manner of confusion and delays in communication and travel.

Therefore, it is important that you dot your Is and cross your Ts to avoid misunderstandings and missed appointments. This expansive new moon brings a renewed sense of optimism and hope. It brings opportunities for broadening your horizons.

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Sagittarius is concerned with philosophy and the higher mind. This Jupiterian influence is especially predominant with Jupiter being conjunct the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees Sagittarius since early November. This rare event only occurs every 12 years. The Galactic Centre is a gateway to a higher consciousness.

There have been two other planets that conjuncted the Galactic Centre that preceded Jupiter initiating this spiritual journey. On 25 November Venus and Jupiter align at 28 degrees Sagittarius 12 adding brilliance to the evening sky while Mars and Uranus oppose each other. It can denote a risk taking energy, but with the opposition of Mars and Uranus, an aspect that can be accident prone it is better to tread warily. Accidents often happen when we are scattered and our attention is diverted. Given we have a risk taking, extravagant aspect and an accident prone aspect occurring simultaneously, we need to stay focussed.

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You need to remain conscious of what you are doing and plan your activities carefully. Mars and Uranus are making challenging aspects to Chiron, so health may be impacted by accidents or over indulgence if these planets trigger planets in your natal chart.

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The illustration depicts Kurukulla, Deity of Desire and meditative symbol of Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia, dances with one foot on the corpse of personified ego. Wearing her garland of freshly severed heads, she draws her bow symbolising transformation of passion into wisdom. Happy birthday to all the Scorpios who celebrate their birthdays between October 24 and November Scorpio is one of the four fixed signs, the others being Aquarius, Taurus and Leo.

It forms the triplicity of water signs along with Cancer and Pisces. Symbolism of Scorpio Its ruling planet is Pluto, the god who rules over the Underworld and its co-ruler is Mars, the god of war. In the Northern hemisphere it marks the beginning of and the retreat of the animals into their hibernating caves. Scorpio has traditionally come to represent the harbinger of the dark and cold. Therefore, it symbolises regeneration when everything dies or goes to sleep until the advent of spring.

It gives people a chance to balance their lives and to cultivate their inner beings. Scorpio rules the eighth house in the horoscope which has dominion over all the mysteries of life — sex, death and rebirth.

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The glyph for Scorpio, the letter m with the tail depicts the coils of the serpent, with its poisonous fangs ready to strike an adversary. It is also a symbol for the concentrated tension in the sexual organs of the male in the state of excitation. The sign of the Scorpion is known for its secrecy and the constellation certainly corresponds to this characteristic.

Only the tips of its foreclaws peer above the ecliptic. At the heart of the Scorpion is the giant red star Antares. It is as famous in the history of the cosmic family of stars as Scorpio itself, for in the days of ancient Egypt and Greece many temples were erected to coincide with its heavenly cycles. Antares is also at the approximate centre of the huge cloud Nebula in Scorpio. There are some other constellations which Bailey says are of great interest.

First there is Serpens, which symbolises the serpent of illusion, the serpent we meet in Genesis, which deluded Eve. The second is Ophiucus, the man who wrestles with the serpent. The ancient zodiac portrays the hands of this man. He seizes it with both hands and treads on its heart, which is the red star of desire. As he does this he looks towards the crown, in the constellation of Libra.

pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah Pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah
pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah Pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah
pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah Pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah
pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah Pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah
pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah Pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah
pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah Pisces march 2020 horoscope tina ptah

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